2 Mason's Bend – UNITED STATES

72,000 carpet tiles make a home sweet home in Alabama

From 10 to 16 July - Waste

A strange building stands at Mason’s Bend in Alabama. It is made with 72,000 carpet tiles – originally just waste. It is the home of Lucy Harris, who previously lived in a makeshift shanty house. The Rural Studio, founded by Samuel Mockbee, is behind this unusual construction.

In Lucy’s town, architecture students work on eco-friendly participatory construction projects in poor rural communities in Alabama. So one day, visiting the Interface warehouses – the Ronald McDonald of carpet tiles – a group of budding architecture students found thousands of abandoned carpet tiles and decided to give them a second lease of life. After a whole battery of tests conducted by engineers, it only took five weeks for this carpet house to become a comfortable bioclimatic home for Lucy and her family.

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