10 Suzhou - CHINA

A 5-storey building built entirely in 3D

3D printing - From 20 to 26 February

Will the homes of tomorrow be an assembly of printed parts? On 18 January, the company WinSun set a record: the erection of the tallest printed building in the world, a 5 floor residential building located in Suzhou. To achieve this feat, the company created its own huge “printer”: 6 meters high, 10 meters wide and 40 meters long. It also developed an inexpensive “ink” that meets seismic standards and consists of construction and mining waste mixed with cement and fiber glass. Once printed, the parts are then assembled by workers, who have to insulate the building, install electricity, plumbing, doors and windows. According to the company, this method reduces construction time by 70% and reduces production costs by up to 80% compared to conventional construction methods.