5 BEDDINGTON – United Kingdom

Bedzed, an ecological island in south London

Ecodistrict - Ecoquartier - From 20 to 26 February

What if cities were no longer seen as a source of problems but as part of the solution? Zero use of fossil fuels is the goal of the creators of BedZED, a London eco-village where everything has been designed to reduce the inhabitants’ ecological footprint: efficient building insulation, renewable energy, cogeneration, recycling, car pooling… Residents have a garden and a communal allotment for growing vegetables, as well as a number of services (nursery, cafe, gym). This reduces the need to travel and thus CO2 emissions, and creates a real sense of community. The result? BedZED residents consume 45% less electricity, 81% less energy and 50% less water than an average resident in Greater London. Ten years after its official inauguration, the eco-village has successfully shown the world that it is possible to reconcile sustainable development with urban living.

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