6 HANOVER – Germany

Milk, a new addition to your wardrobe

From 20 to 26 February - Slow fashion

The German stylist Anke Domaske creates beautiful clothes with… milk! It took several years of testing before she came up with the perfect recipe for 100% natural milk fiber, Qmilch. Similar to silk, it is an environmentally friendly alternative to cotton and has many virtues (antibacterial, absorbent, anti-UV). The manufacturing process is short, uses relatively little water and requires no chemicals: the milk is treated and skimmed to remove impurities and fatty content. Anke uses only sour milk that is no longer fit for consumption. The mixture is then squeezed into yarn ready to be woven. The resulting fabric is soft, comfortable and hard-wearing. Some manufacturers and designers have included milk fiber in their collections – for example Machja, Fabricha and even Nina Ricci, Dior and Célio.

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