3 Lima – PERU

X-runner is installing dry toilets in Lima’s slums

From 10 to 16 July - Water

In the slums of Lima, three million Peruvians have no toilets and so have to use rudimentary latrines – with all the accompanying health risks. X-runner has developed an alternative, reliable and sustainable sanitation system that meets the needs of urban populations – dry, odorless, waterless, easy to install toilets that separate urine from feces. Once a week, a truck comes to collect the bags full of excrement and take them to a processing center where they are composted. In two months the pathogens are eliminated and a nutrient-rich fertilizer is left. After the pilot program, x-runner hopes to equip 550 homes this year in Villa El Salvador and San Juan de Miraflores, two metropolitan districts in the province of Lima.

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